Gino Delmotte

Sociobiologist: Sociobiology is the scientific study of the biological and evolutionary aspects of human behavior. What we do : BrandSpecies is Communication Research agency, located in Ghent and runned by Gino Delmotte. The agency performs:

Our modern skulls house a Stone Age mind.

Consumers all have their biological, sociological and psychological specifications. In fast-changing and heavily commercialised societies, it has become more than necessary to constantly follow what’s on consumer’s minds and have appropriate and flexible tools to answer today’s and tomorrow’s changes.Good communication and marketing play at two levels. The first is this fast-changing level described above, as we know it in contemporary terms of speaking. The second is the (more) stable, slow-changing level we call the Stone Age level. Recent scientific discoveries prove that our brain is a computer focusing on solving problems dating from the Stone Age era. This explains why the so called ‘old fears’ (for example for snakes, spiders, lightning, darkness, blood, heights, …) are much more intense than our ‘modern fears’ (for example for electricity, fast cars, vascular disease, …). Whether we talk about shampoo, washing-up liquid or cars, there can always be found a link with situations dating from the Plistoceen past of the human species. Brands that appeal to both the civilized needs and the underlying Stone Age motivations should be more effective..

The consumer’s secret desires: the arrival of neuromarketing. The measurement of psychophysiological indicators such as heart frequency, blood pressure, galvanic skin response (GSR), face muscle contraction and pupil dilation, is an older and simpler technique to monitor basic emotions such as acceptance, anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise, anticipation and surprise. Marketeers and brand researchers no longer just take your word for it when you say people prefer one product over another. Instead, you could investigate, by means of neurological research methods, what the actual preferences are. Aided by FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging), attempts are made to gain insight in the neurological processes that govern consumer behavior. This fusion of marketing and neurology led to the arrival of what is now called neuromarketing.Functional MRI (FMRI) has enabled scientists for the first time to look into the human brain in vivo, to literally ‘watch it while it works’.


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