What we do? Brand Awareness & Image Research. Customer Attitude Research Pre and Post testing Campaigns. Corporate Identity and Image Research. Customer Satisfaction Employee Satisfaction. The FitnessIndicator© – Brand Research. The Survival Strategies© – Consumer Research & Mood Detector.

Survival is the name of the game, William! (W.S. Burroughs – Naked Lunch).

Instinctive, Emotional or Rational Branding. The Survival Strategies is a model we use in defining target groups or in segmentation of groups. It shows what consumers desire and need from a product or brand. Consumer behavior, like any other kind of behavior is conducted by the brain. Purchase decisions can take place at 3 levels, each corresponding to one of the 3 brain layers: the reptilian brain (instincts), the mammal brain (emotions) or the human brain (ratio). Because human beings are essentially survival machines, the choice for one or another brand is also determined by one or more survival strategies (‘motivations’). That is the reason why brands can be considered as survival tools; they are purchased in order to fulfil a certain need. Survival is the name of the game, William! (W.S. Burroughs – Naked Lunch)

How we do it? Qualitative Research, In-depth-analysis, Face to face Focusgroups, Quantitative Research Tele-inquiries, Street inquiries, Web inquiries

Our Brand. Sexy and/or Adaptable?The FitnessIndicator analyses brands in terms of sexiness and adaptability. ‘Sexiness’ you say? Yes! Many companies are occupied with their sexiness. Today’s Zeitgeist is pretty much about being sexy and attractive. Do not misunderstand this, adaptability remains a conditio sine qua non for the survival of the brand.

° Communication
° Brand Position and Brand Analysis
° Consumers & potential consumers
° Satisfaction
° Pre- & post-testing
° Zero & One measurements Barometer
° Image-studies

De Eskimofabriek: Emotional Architectural Space.

Eskimo Fabriek

Drobots: In a world where sound business information is key to success, Drobots empowers end customers and expert partners with a ‘next generation’ data analysis & reporting platform. With Drobots, quantitative research becomes an honest and open, easy to use though scientifically valid process.

We are building Mood Detectors à la tête du client. Moods can be detected by psycho-galvanometry, heartbeat, eye camera, face reading, move registration…


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